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YoYoWorkShop Armament T-Shirt
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$ 15.00
Wayne Ryan (a Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy) and David Albano (a Mechanical Engineer) are lifelong friends and diehard yo-yo fanatics. When Wayne brought up the idea of making a high-end American-made yo-yo to David they began work almost instantly and YoYoWorkshop was born! After creating their first yo-yo, the Tornad-Yo, they quickly learned what works and what doesn't and put that knowledge and experience into their latest and greatest design. They gathered advice from the community, learned from their mistakes, and went back to the drawing board to create a military grade throw that would take the competitive yo-yo scene by storm! This is the Armament!

And to go along with the awesome release of their new yo-yo the Armament they have it available in this awesome T-Shirt!

The artwork was actually done by Wayne's father, Jim Ryan, who is best known for the conception of the Toys R Us Geoffrey the Giraffe mascot in the 70's! How cool is that?!

Buy the t-shirt with the Armament yo-yo and save $5 on the shirt!

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