strummol8 rosalinda spin top

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Strummol8 - Italian made Spin Top!

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Strummol8's newest shape is a daring and bold take on modern spin tops and features a completely new tip - The Rosalinda!

The Rosalinda is a very fast moving spin with a unique weight distribution that is excellent for changing directions in its axis of spin. The overall shape is similar to those of traditional Mexican wooden tops with a more concave profile, and if you have been in the spin top game awhile you might remember the YoYoJam Chihuahua Spin Top too!

The curved profile gives this top a particularly striking aesthetic and when the string hits the spin top at an angle it catches and feeds the string right down to the tip with ease. It plays with a pleasantly powerful spin that is extremely stable thanks to most of the weight being focused on the upper portion of the top.

The Rosalinda is also the first of Strummol8's tops to feature their new ‘XL spin top tip’ which holds onto the string easier especially when the top is played completely vertical in axis for mid-air catches. The new tip will be available for sale separately in the future, but find it first here!

strummol8 rosalinda spin top

Rosalinda Specifications:
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Height: 84.26 mm / 3.32 inches
Diameter: 74.55 mm / 2.94 inches
Weight: 76.56 grams
Material: POM w/ Aluminum
Designed in: Italy
Made in: Italy
Release Date: June 2022

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