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YYF Mighty Flea
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YoYoFactory - Worlds Smallest Yo-Yo Built For Advanced Play

YoYoFactory Presents The World's Smallest Modern Performance Yo-Yo: The Mighty Flea. Step right up and don't let its coin size fool you, this little guy can really perform!

Being so small does change the whole game making it more challenging to land on the string and more difficult to control overall - however with practice this can be a great yo-yo and a real conversation starter. And just think - after you pull Black Hops off on this you will be able to do it on any yo-yo!

We don't recommend this for the beginner player - but if you are looking for a fun style yo-yo to bring with you everywhere this might be your perfect new toy. Underneath it's stainless steel shell you'll find hand cut custom response pads, special pint-sized bearing and it's own thin string. Go ahead, put this mini machine to the test.

This is the new 2013 edition of the Mighty Flea featuring slick new engravings. The shape comes takes the 'original Flea' form but with a major tweak to change it into more of an overall butterfly shape. This sets the stage for a new level of play with a yo-yo the size of a coin!

Note: The Mighty Flea uses a special string that is shorter and thinner then normal. Replacement string for the Mighty Flea can be purchased here:

Mighty Flea Replacement String


YYF Mighty Flea Specifications:
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Diameter: 25.28 mm / 1.00 inch
Width: 20.40 mm / .80 inches
Gap Width: 2.72 mm / 0.11 inches
Response System: Flea Size K-Pad
Weight: 49.3 grams
Bearing Size: Flea Size Mini Bearing

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