2023 Champions Collection by YoYoFactory

2023 Champions Collection
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YoYoFactory - Throwback To The Yo-Yos That Won Previous World YoYo Contests!

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In 2023, YoYoFactory marked its 20th Anniversary. What had begun as a mere idea had evolved into creating some of the finest yo-yos for competitors. Along that journey, YoYoFactory unexpectedly became leaders in the field.

In homage to this pivotal part of their story, YoYoFactory faithfully recreated the designs that had clinched victory in the premier 1A division of the World YoYo Contest – designs that they had pioneered. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the extraordinary skills of those who expertly wielded them.

YoYoFactory’s goal is to provide today's players with a taste of the era and the tools that had helped shape the yo-yo into what it was then. With this perspective, they aspired to contribute to the continued growth of yo-yoing, extending well beyond those next 20 years.

This collection is available either as complete sets (including a YYF Case) or individually.

Yo-Yos that were used to win the 1A World YoYo Contest:

  • 888 - used by 2007 World YoYo Champion Yuuki Spencer
  • Superstar - used by 2008 World YoYo Champion John Ando
  • Northstar - used by 2010 World YoYo Champion Jensen Kimmitt
  • Shutter - used by 2014 World YoYo Champion Gentry Stein
  • Edge Beyond - used by 2018 World YoYo Champion Evan Nagao
  • Shutter Wide Angle - used by 2019 World YoYo Champion Gentry Stein     2023 Champions Collection Traditional Set by YoyoFactory
    2023 Champions Collection Gold Set by YoYoFactory
888 by YoYoFactory
Superstar by YoYoFactory
Northstar by YoYoFactory
Shutter by YoYoFactory
Edge Beyond by YoYoFactory
Shutter Wide Angle by YoYoFactory

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