YYF Hubstack YoYo
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YoYoFactory - Hubstack Play Has Never Been More Fun!

$ 24.99

For years, YoYoFactory has dreamed of a yoyo that offers the benefits of hubstack technology in a form that any yoyo player can use, affordable cost, responsive performance, and a new and improved shape. Hubstack offers all of the above and more!

This is a fantastic yo-yo and with the YYF patented hubstack technology, you don't even need to throw the yo-yo to get it started! Just hold the hubstacks, give the string a pull, and feel the gyroscopic power!

Note: Each Hubstack comes with a Size C Bearing to make it unresponsive!

Hubstack YoYo in Action!

YYF Hubstack YoYo Specifications:
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Diameter: 58.36 mm / 2.29 inches
Width: 40.30 mm / 1.58 inches
Gap Width: 4.80 mm / 0.18 inches
Weight: 63.2 grams
Bearing Size: Slim Size C and Large Size C
Response: 19mm Slim Pad
Material: Polycarbonate

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