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Duncan Hornet
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Duncan - Advanced Looping Yo-Yo

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The Duncan Hornet is the first looping yoyo from Duncan Toys specifically designed for high-end competition play, and it's a huge leap forward for Duncan!

The Hornet is a bearing looper designed with a better rim-to-center weight ratio making it a great choice for high-speed looping and wraps. Designed with input from Duncan Crew Worldwide, the Hornet is player-tested and competition-ready.

The Hornet comes with two sets of spacers; aluminum for beginner/intermediate looping and plastic for more advanced competition play. As with most looping yo-yos, we do recommend using a thick lube on the bearing to keep a higher level of response.

Duncan Hornet Specifications:
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Diameter: 58.70 mm / 2.31 inches
Width: 28.75 mm / 1.13 inches
Weight: 52.9 grams
Bearing Size: Duncan Looping Bearing
Response: Starburst

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