YoYoFriends Mystery and SALE
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yoyofriends - Chance for an amazing deal on a B-Grade YoYoFriends yoyo!

A special sales event presented by YoYoFriends! From September 8th at 8pm ET to September 11th 8pm ET you can get 10% off an order of a YoYoFriends yoyos. Spend $200 or more on YoYoFriends and you can get 12% off! AND... The first opportunity to score some sweet discounted b-grade yoyos from yoyo frineds! Two boxes available. A mono-metal or delrin surprise box or a bi-metal box! (One YoYo per box.)

B grade yoyos mainly have one of the following issues: 1. Slight Vibe 2. Anodizing flaw 3. Minor scratches

Each box contains one random Yo-Yo. Mono-Metal/Delrin - Dove, Sunbird, or KOI. Bi-Metal - Vulture, Peregrine or Hummingbird.

One Maximum Per Customer Please.

YoYoFriends Mystery and SALE Specifications:
Free Gift

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