YoYoFactory B-Grade Yo-Yos - 2020
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2020 B-Grade releases from YoYoFactory! All of the YoYoFactory B-Grade yo-yos have some sort of cosmetic defect or minor vibe. They still play great, but didn't make the cut for official production runs.

The 6th and final release for 2020 is the ever popular Horizon at an awesome price!  Available in one of six colors while supplies last.  And if you want to throw a counterweight on it just snag one here!

Photos are indicative of general color only.  There may be some color variation (especially with acid wash versions), laser marks, ano defects, and various other cosmetic defects. The yo-yos are unpackaged and will ship with one string.

Warranty: Slight vibe and cosmetic defects not covered. If your yoyo comes with a dud bearing or wobbles like a ball you know we will take care of you.

History of 2020 Release:
- The first release was the SuperStar setup to celebrate 5A May!
- The second release was the all time classic Shutter!
- The third release was the TooHOT with counterweight setup!
- The fourth release is NINE DRAGONS at a price that is SHOCKING!
- The fifth release is Czech Point w/ Counterweight!


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