MFD Titanium Begleri
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Monkeyfinger -   Titanium Begleri!  

Have you heard of Begleri? It's a small skill toy made up of weighted beads at either end of a short string. It can be flipped and twirled around the fingers to perform tricks and once you get started the possibilities are endless!

MonkeyfingeR has been making some really innovative begleri designs and they decided to release two of their favorite models in Titanium! Ape Grapes and Kokonutz!

Titanium is much stronger than aluminum which makes these begleri super durable and dent resistant. It is also a denser heavier metal, so these begleri were machined slightly smaller and weigh in a few grams less than their aluminum counterparts. They play light and fast and there's just something about titanium that gives them a really beautiful feel in play!

MonleyfingeR Ti Begleri are compatible with Monkey Bars, which are weighted beads you can add to your begleri setup for additional weight in play. They also come with the Split-B begleri carrying pouch designed to separate and protect the begleri beads while in your pocket


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