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Monkeyfinger Buff
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Monkeyfinger - Breaths New Life Into Your Return Top

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The crazy guys up at MonkeyFinger has something that is crazy cool - they call it BUFF! BUFF breaths new life into your return top collection. New or old this will improve the grinding and appearance of your anodized yoyo.

The finish that comes on every yoyo is not the best surface to be performing tricks and grinds with. Just like your car your yo-yo's anodize gets a bit faded with time or just worn a bit. Using the BUFF will brighten up your colors and create a nice slick surface for grinding without creating a residue. Here is how it works.

Directions for use:

1. Be sure to work on a clean surface.

2. Have a dry clean rag.

3. Open balm style container.

4. Scoop a small portion, approximately a 3/4 to 1" strip of buff onto one side of your return top.

5. Using your cloth run the buff thoroughly onto all sides of your return top, both the playing surface and the cup side. Notice your colors brighten as you rub the BUFF over your throw.

6. Using the clean dry part of your cloth rub the surface until it has a uniform sheen.

7. Repeat the same process on the other side of your return top.

8. You can either play your return top or let it completely dry for a few hours rub it again with a dry cloth.

The stuff is SUPER safe you can practically eat it. Wont stain, and hey it smells like honey. This is the same stuff that Monkey Finger has treated all of their throws with since they started making the Gelada. You can use this on any yoyo that is anodized. It gives the yoyo a much softer feel.

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