yoyofactory starter set

Replay Pro / Spinstar Starter Set
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YoYoFactory - Everything you need to get started!

It is important to start out the right way with yoyos that work well for your experience level and can grow with you. The YoYoFactory Replay Pro / Spinstar Starter Set gives you exactly that and more!

This Starter Set gives you two yo-yos, one responsive (Spinstar) and one unresponsive (Replay PRO), that will get you started on your yoyo journey all the way through advanced tricks. These plastic models offer impressive performance at an affordable price!

The set comes complete a multi-tool, yoyo holder, bearing lube, 5 pack of string, and a sticker sheet. This is an amazing value for even an advanced player and is one of the best ways to start yo-yoing today. Pick one up for yourself or give the gift of yo-yoing to a friend and get them started the right way!

A $40 Value for only $31.99!

yoyofactory starter set

Replay Pro / Spinstar Starter Set Specifications:
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