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C3yoyodesign - Great performance in a responsive design!

$ 9.99

C3yoyodesign took their flagship entry level plastic and made it even more beginner friendly with this new responsive version! This is the Speedaholic!

The 2019 Speedaholic is the perfect yo-yo for beginner players or anyone looking for a fun responsive throw. It comes stock with a slim bearing which provides enough spin power for entry level players and thick pads that ensure a snappy and consistent response. No lube or oil required, just attach the string and you can start to practicing your tricks!

Available in some vibrant colors with an unbeatable $10 price tag, the Speedaholic is a fantastic choice for responsive play!


Speedaholic Specifications:
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Diameter: 56.79 mm / 2.24 inches
Width: 43.90 mm / 1.73 inches
Gap Width: 3.15 mm / 0.12 inches
Weight: 64.54 grams
Bearing Size: Narrow Bearing
Response: 19mm Thick Pad Size
Material: Plastic
Designed in: Hong Kong
Made in: Hong Kong
Release Date: March 2019

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