Duncan Reflex
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Duncan - Auto return yo-yo!

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The new Duncan Reflex is one of the easiest yo-yos for new players.

The Reflex features an auto return system that returns the yo-yo to your hand without even tugging on the string. In the center of the yo-yo is a centrifugal clutch that grabs the string when the spin slows and returns it to the throwers hand. This auto return system combined with the lightweight, wide shape makes learning new tricks simpler than ever before!


Duncan Reflex Specifications:
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Diameter: 56.68 mm / 2.23 inches
Width: 31.00 mm / 1.22 inches
Gap Width: 3.18 mm / 0.13 inches
Weight: 56.8 grams
Bearing Size: Auto Response System
Response: Starburst Response System
Material: Polycarbonate
Designed in: USA
Made in: China
Release Date: September 2019

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