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Hey guys! Ooch here! I am SO EXCITED you found the Ooch Edition SnapBack Starter Set! This has everything you need to get you on your journey to awesome yoyo tricks.

This set includes a SnapBack, 5 spare strings, YoYo Performance Oil, and YoYo Tape to make sure you can keep throwing longer!

The SnapBack takes a classic yoyo shape we all love and adds a long spinning and string centering CenterTrac bearing. This means that even off a soft throw the yoyo spins effortlessly and will still come back even with a light tug! Further it can handle string tricks like a pro. Anything from braintwister to double or nothing and even skin the gerbil with practice. We have watched at our local yoyo lessons kids learn tricks at a 10x faster pace using the SnapBack and we are so excited to finally present it to the world!

This is the perfect yoyo to start on and even if you are an advanced player you will enjoy having something that returns with a tug but can handle advanced tricks. It's also perfect when you meet someone new who might be interested in learning to throw and you want to make sure it always Snaps Back!    

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