yoyostringlab nytro+ strings

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YoYoStringLab - Thicker version of Nytro!

$ 8.99

In the depths of their secret string laboratory, YoYoStringLab has been experimenting and developing a brand new formula. One that people have been requesting for years, and it is finally ready to share - NYTRO+!

NYTRO+ is the thicker version of the recently released NYTRO which is the nylon/poly blend that people had kept requesting. This string lasts like crazy, and the NYTRO performance is … well, you’ll see. Like hitting the Nytro switch and boosting ahead, yet still YYSL soft and a great feel.

2 packs come packaged in a custom machined metal capsule and 5 pack refills are available whenever you need a restock. Get your NYTRO+ bottle and buckle in for fun!

yoyostringlab nytro+ strings

yoyostringlab nytro+ strings

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