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Sochi - New looping model!

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The Sochi Loop Spinner is a new 2A model designed in collaboration with Asia PAcific 2A Champion Yi Cheng Hao.

The Loop Spinner is the second yoyo collaboration released by Sochi, which specializes in strings, parts and accessories. It features a fixed gap with metal spacers and a starburst response that are reliable, long lasting and requires minimal maintenance. No tinkering or tweaking to get the Loop Spinner working to your liking, just take it out of the box and you can get right to looping!

The Loop Spinner’s design is based on the current needs of competition 2A players, with a longer spin-time than most 2A yoyos and an ease of use that makes it a perfect choice for any skill level!

Loop Spinner by Sochi
Loop Spinner by Sochi
sochi loop spinner yoyo

Loop Spinner Specifications:
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Diameter: 58.36 mm / 2.30 inches
Width: 33.55 mm / 1.32 inches
Gap Width: 2.22 mm / 0.09 inches
Weight: 51.00 grams
Bearing Size: Small Bearing
Response: Starburst
Material: Polycarbonate
Designed in: China
Made in: China
Released: April 2022

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