Loonie by Rain City Skills

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Rain City - Miniature Brass Yo-Yo!

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Rain City’s first Micro yoyo, back in 2019, the Loonie is a little bit of magic. The name comes from the Canadian $1 coin, named for the bird on one side (a Loon). This yoyo is roughly the diameter of a Loonie, small enough to get lost in your pocket change!

But it plays way out of its league. Balanced for viable unresponsive play, the Loonie offers that perfect bit of a challenge while still being easy enough to play that it's fun! It comes with a 5-pack of our "Oh Canada" extra thin string, but you can just as easily play it with standard bulk thin string.

They’ve tweaked the design a little with this run for aesthetics, but the biggest change was the pads. Rain City had custom pads cut to fit snug around the bearing for a tighter bind and longer spin on the throw!

Loonie by Rain City Skills

Loonie Specifications:
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Diameter: 33.40 mm / 1.31 inches
Width: 27.20 mm / 1.07 inches
Gap Width: 3.40 mm / 0.13 inches
Weight: 54.60 grams
Bearing Size: Size A
Response: Small Bearing Response Pads
Material: Brass
Release Date: 2023

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