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C3yoyodesign - Contest Ready 2A Yo-Yo Designed by Champions!

$ 17.99

The 3rd generation of the C3yoyodesign Initiator is the result of years of development and testing with C3's team of champions including Ryo Yamashita & Yamato Fujiwara. They created this yo-yo to be the ideal contest ready looper, and after throwing it we have to say it doesn't get munch better!

2A yo-yos look simple and tend to have similar shapes in design, but there's a lot that goes into designing a really good one. Gap width, spacer size, and starburst height. These may seem like small things, but C3yoyodesign considered every aspect of their latest 2A design before they were happy with the final product.

The 3rd gen Initiators feature a new CNC machined axle with stronger threads, a new starburst response that's higher with a larger diameter for more consistent response, AND a new spacer system fit for every style 2A player (Green - Standard as default stock setting, Gold - Loop, and Purple - Sleep. Response level: Gold > Green > Purple).  They even made a 100% new injection mold for this model to re-design the weight distribution in the body and cap for more spin time with lighter overall weight!

c3yoyodesign initiator yoyo

c3 initiator


Initiator Specifications:
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Diameter: 58.31 mm / 2.3 inches
Width: 35.86 mm / 1.41 inches
Gap Width: 1.25 mm / .05 inches
Weight: 51.99 grams
Bearing Size: Size E Looping Bearing
3.962mm x 7.925mm x 3.175mm
Response: Starburst Response
Material: Polycarbonate
Designed in: Hong Kong
Made in: Hong Kong
Release Date: November 2019

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