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Edge Infinity
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YoYoFactory - Evan Nagao Signature YoYo!

This is the stuff legends are made of. Edge Infinity first premiered to the public on the stage of the 2019 World YoYoContest. The reigning world yoyo champion Evan Nagao took a single working prototype to the stage and put his heart and soul into a performance that took 2nd place in the contest. The speed, agility, and sheer power of the yoyo was visibly apparent watching his routine and we anticipated the release to come!

As YoYoFactory went to finish and refine the prototype it was not an easy task. The amount of power and rim weight is unlike anything we have seen in bimetal and Evan didn’t want to settle for a compromise.

So after 18 long months of working with Evan on prototype after prototype YoYoFactory proudly presents Edge Infinity! Everything about this yoyo is impressive and we are kind of in shock with how good it is. We can quite confidently say it is one of the most powerful and nimble yoyos to ever be created truly worthy of a yoyo champion.

yoyofactory edge infinity

Edge Infinity Specifications:
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Diameter: 54.08 mm / 2.13 inches
Width: 46.72 mm / 1.84 inches
Gap Width: 4.82 mm / 0.19 inches
Weight: 64.88 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: "Slim Pad" Size 19mm OD
Material: 6061 Aluminum w/ Stainless Steel Rims
Designed in: USA
Made in: China
Released: December 2020

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