strummol8 dionisia spin top

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Strummol8 - The Successor to the Sofia!

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The Dionisia is the latest in the line of high-end spin tops made by Italian company Strummol8.

The Dionisia is designed as a successor to Sofia, a masterpiece that has attracted many players and still has many calls for a resurgence in spin top play. It is machined from two different materials, aluminum alloy and POM, to maximize spin power and stability. The weight distribution is unique with a concept similar to the double rim structure of yo-yos.

With an overwhelming sense of stability, it is by far the best performance among the spin tops equipped with ball bearings currently on the market.

strummol8 dionisia spin top

Dionisia Specifications:
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Height: 00 mm / 00 inches
Diameter: 00 mm / 00 inches
Weight: 00 grams
Material: POM w/ Aluminum
Designed in: Italy
Made in: Italy
Release Date: January 2022

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