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Sengoku - Clean simple design with amazing performance!

$ 55.00

A clean mono-metal design with a wallet friendly price tag. The Ashigaru was designed with the goal of introducing more people to the Sengoku brand!

The Ashigaru were foot-soldiers employed by the samurai class of feudal Japan. In the Sengoku era of war there were more than just Samurai with big family names participating. Those famous Samurai may be the most revered, but at the end of the day it's the front lines, the foot soldiers, with the biggest courage of all that carried the weight of the battles. The Ashigaru.

This is a yo-yo with a beautifully simple design with a fast lightweight feel and a comfortable shape to fit any style. The thick rims provide amazing spin power and stability that, when paired with the light weight, creates a really unique play experience.

Resilient, valorous, tireless. The Ashigaru is the perfect yo-yo to give you a taste of what Sengoku has to offer!

sengoku ashigaru

Ashigaru Specifications:
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Diameter: 56.72 mm / 2.23 inches
Width: 44.22 mm / 1.74 inches
Gap Width: 4.45 mm / 0.18 inches
Weight: 63.8 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19mm Slim Pad Size
Designed in: Japan
Made in: China

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