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Kitty String - 100 Count (Slim)
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Kitty String - 100% Polyester Slim Kitty String

String tricks evolve and so does the string you use to learn them on. Kitty String is a fantastic yo-yo string brand from the Philippines crafted from 100% polyester and available in a wide array of great styles and colors!

Kitty string uses a very soft form of polyester that gives you a smoother feel during play and doesn't rough up your hands as much either. They also give you just slightly more length averaging around 43 to 45 inches so you have some extra room to adjust (110-115cm).

(Note: No finger loop is tied in the string allowing you to adjust to your height and tie your own.)

Professionals around the world are beginning to choose Kitty String as their weapon of choice in competition and for good reason. For yo-yo string it doesn't get much better then this.

Available here is the SLIM 100% polyester Kitty String! A little bit thinner for when you need the absolute lowest possible amount of response out of your yo-yo. Great for small bearing yo-yos especially.

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