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Kitty String First Class - 100 Count
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Kitty String - New Kitty String Formula!

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Introducing the new First Class premium string from Kitty String. First Class string is a contest-ready string made in Japan with some new features and improvements in material for even more optimal performance!

Kitty String has now switched to a fresh new packaging design with logo and package art done by people in the yoyo community! Each package also includes the new Kitty String signature ‘string strap’ to help keep everything organized and easy to pull from with less tangles and knots. The adjustable strap holds the string and allows for easy removal of single strings a time.

First Class string is the first of its kind to feature a new type of tension dividing the string into two segments: the area near the yoyo/bearing and the rest of the string. The area attached directly to the yoyo is wound to a softer tension which allows for easier opening and attachment to the yoyo and also provides smoother play, even when the rest of the string becomes overall tighter after multiple throws. The 2nd larger trick play segment features a more normal tension for contest level string trick performance.

First Class string is made in Japan with the finest polyester and is available in NORMAL, FAT, and XL in four colors: Yellow, White, Orange, and Lime green.

Kitty String First Class

Kitty String First Class

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