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YYJ Speed Maker
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YoYoJam - This Yo-Yo Is FAST

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The Speed Maker was the second yo-yo designed by Three Time World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki from Japan. Modeled after his popular Speeder yo-yo it has a sharp shape that cuts out from the center making it easy to land on the string.

Made from durable and chemical resistant Celcon plastic the Speed Maker has concentrated weight in the right places making it play arguably faster than any other all plastic yo-yo on the market. Coupled with an adjustable gap this is agreat yo-yo for the intermediate to advanced player.

Mickey has used this to compete and win at major Japanese contests - the speed at which he plays with this yo-yo truly creates a blur!

Here at YoYoExpert we recommend the Speed Maker for the slightly intermediate to advanced player. Because of the wider gap it can play slightly less responsive so it is a great choice for string tricks and learning to bind.

YYJ Speed Maker Specifications:
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Diameter: 2.12"
Width: 1.43"
Response System: Hybrid
Weight: 61 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

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