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YYJ Big Yo

YoYoJam - As Big As It Gets!

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The BigYo from YoYoJam is a HUGE yo-yo - you can barely hold it in your hand yet it throws and plays like the best of them.

The BigYo has actually been the choice for some of the top players in Offstring including the current Offstring World Champion.

This yo-yo is great for demonstrations and great for a laugh from an audience. In addition it plays offstring like a champ - so however you choose to use the Big Yo is up to you. It will perform!

Just remember - you won't be able to hide this one in your pocket!

YYJ Big Yo Specifications:

Diameter: 3.80"
Width: 2.63"
Response System: Double O-Ring
Weight: 75 grams
Bearing Size: X-Large YYJ Bearing

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