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YYJ Big Ben
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YoYoJam - String Trick / Offstring Yo-Yo

The Big Ben is over sized plastic yo-yo built for making it easier to land the yo-yo on the string. With a large gap and extra weight the Big Ben is fun to learn new tricks on like Eli Hops or Iron Whip. And of course it comes with the standard YoYoJam adjustable gap so you can make this as responsive or unresponsive as you wish.

Not to mention the Big Ben is amazing for Offstring play also known as 4A! It has been in both the World and National Yo-Yo Contest by many competitors.

Note: If this is your first time doing 4A YoYoExpert recommends the YoYoJam Fiesta XX or the Go Big.

Signature series of Team YoYoJam's very own Ben Conde!

YYJ Big Ben Specifications:
Free Gift

Diameter: 2.51"
Width: 1.74"
Response System: Double O-Ring
Weight: 69 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

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