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YYF Spacers
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YoYoFactory - Replacement Spacers for Your YoYoFactory Yo-Yos

$ 3.99
These are replacement spacers for your YoYoFactory yo-yos.

Note: These are sold in 'pairs'. Comes with two spacers.

Size 1: Grind Machine Spacer:

Fits Plastic Grind Machine, ProtoStar, NorthStar, Die-Nasty, and CounterAttack.

Size 2: Fast 201

Fits the Fast 201 yo-yo.

Size 3: 3rd Generation Velocity

Current version of the Velocity yo-yo

Size 4: Loop 720

Fits Loop 720 and Velocity 2nd Generation.

Size 5: Loop 900 Plastic Spacers

Fits all Loop 900 and Loop 1080. Also compatible with Yomega Raider.

Flight Spacer Kit: Flight

Comes with a pair of Thin Spacers (Silver) and a pair of Thick Spacers (Aqua).

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