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YYF Speed Dial
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YoYoFactory - Adjustable Metal

$ 9.99
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The Speed Dial from YoYoFactory is a stunning yo-yo. With beautiful anodizing and top notch laser engraving this yo-yo is built to impress.

And of course being part of the FAST series it comes complete with adjustable dials to raise and lower the starbursts inside. In this way you can actually adjust the yo-yo to play how you want whether that is super responsive or as unresponsive as they go.

Also note the plastic rim - puts a nice touch on the overall look of the yo-yo and also provides a protective barrier in case the yo-yo hits a hard surface. Probably the first metal yo-yo you won't mind showing off "Walk the Dog."

Note: These are B-Grade Speed Dials and have some slight discoloration in the 'paint job' on the yo-yo but still play perfect. Normally $40 but these are now only $20.00!
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YYF Speed Dial Specifications:
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Diameter: 2.19"
Width: 1.50"
Response System: Adjustable Starburst
Weight: 64 grams
Bearing Size: Size A

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