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YoYoJam Axles
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YoYoJam - Replacement Axles for Your YoYoJam Yo-Yos

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These are replacement axles for your YoYoJam yo-yos. Make sure to check that the axle you are choosing fits your yo-yo as listed. If you are unsure of which axle your yo-yo uses feel free to contact us and we can help!


Axle Used In:

AXL - 1 Legacy, Axiom
AXL - 2 Not Currently in Use
AXL - 3 Mini Motu, Speedmaker, Unleashed
AXL - 4 Big Ben, Journey, Kickside, Lyn Fury, Speeder
AXL - 5 Meteor, Theory, XLR8
AXL - 6 Chaser, Legacy 2, Pinnacle, Prelude, Atmosphere, Cerebus, C-Force, Destiny, Dark Magic 2, Equinox, Fever, Hitman Pro, Micro Mo, New Breed, Phenomizm, Revolution, SpinFaktor X, Speeder 2, SR-71, X- Convict Pro, Karma, Phenom, Trinity, Eneme,Classic
AXL - 7 Fiesta XX, Go Big, ReXtreme
AXL - 8 Big YO

YoYoJam Axles Specifications:
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