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YYF Super Long String - 10 Pack

YoYoFactory - The sky is the limit with this new string

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World Yo-Yo Champion and YYF Team member Jensen Kimmitt is an innovator. One quick browse through some of his youtube videos and you will see him displaying mind-boggling tricks, cutting his string with scissors mid-trick, and tons of other off the wall ideas.

At the 44Clash competition in Japan just over a month ago, Jensen brought a whole new concept to the table: Using a VERY long string (almost the length of two yo-yo strings) to perform an entirely new style of yo-yo tricks. See the video to the left and you will get the idea.

Rather than having to tie two strings together to practice this new style of yo-yoing, YoYoFactory had produced a SUPER long 72 inch custom string. This string comes in labeled baggies of 10 pieces of string.

The sky is the limit when it comes to new styles of yo-yoing, give it a shot!

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