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YYF Sticker Pack
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YoYoFactory - The First Official YoYoFactory Sticker Pack

Stickering your yo-yo case is like customizing the outfit you wear. It's cool to accessorize and show off the brands you love. YoYoFactory and YoYoExpert teamed up to bring you the first official YoYoFactory Sticker pack!

This first sticker pack includes four large stickers and a sticker sheet with smaller peel off stickers of various YoYoFactory branded logos. Includes never before released stickers of the Avant Garde logo and the YoYoFactory Neon Collection.

These are great for everything from your yo-yo case to your school binder or even the car - an expression of who you are and a showing of what you represent. People will know you are pro when you show up with your case or bag covered in awesome yo-yo stickers!

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