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YoYoExpert Contest Hoodie
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YoYoExpert - People Will Remember You Are a YoYoExpert

It's important to look good on and off the stage. We spent a lot of development time to give our new Contest Hoodie the perfect balance of fashion, comfort, and prominence so people will remember you are a YoYoExpert.

The focus is all on you and your tricks. An all black hoodie showcases your string tricks perfectly. A small YoYoExpert symbol can be found on top of the hood and a subtle yet prominent symbol across the right side.

The zip down front and hood allow the sweatshirt to be worn comfortably and come off and on with ease. The gray and white logos are prominent and subtle all at the same time.

These are also the perfect hoodies manufactured by the high quality American Apparel clothing brand. They fit perfectly, they go with everything, really warm and fuzzy, and are made from high quality material so they will last!

Get ready to show of your tricks in style with the YoYoExpert Contest Hoodie!

Note: American Apparel Brand Hoodies do fit to the body tighter then most so we recommend purchasing at least one size larger then your normal t-shirt size.

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