string lab sampler pack    

Yo-Yo String Lab Sampler Pack
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YoYoStringLab -   Which will be your favorite string?    

It's tough deciding which string to buy, especially with so many options. Yo-Yo String Lab makes a variety of high quality handmade yo-yo strings and now you can try them all in the convenient Sampler Pack!

The Standard Sampler Pack includes Type X, Ammo, Venom, Plutonium and Ka-Pow. 2 strings of each type (10 strings total!) in different colors so you won't get them mixed up while trying them out.

Inspired by a release on the YoYoExpert forums, the Lightsaber Sampler Pack are colored so you can choose which side of the force you are on!

  • The 'Light Side' (thinner Type X in Green & Blue) 
  • The 'Dark Side' (thicker Plutonium in Dark Red)

string lab sampler pack

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