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X Cube Aware

X Cube - Stunningly Unique Design and Shape

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High-end French yo-yo company Xcube is known for their extreme shapes and innovative designs. And their new AWARE yo-yo just off a first glance really takes first impression of a yo-yo to a whole new level!

AWARE is designed to be both beautiful and drastic in design elements. This is a throw for the player who wants something unique and jaw dropping that still spins as smooth as the rest. Aware is by far one of the most extreme shapes we have ever seen on a yo-yo design.

You will also immediately notice from a first throw the Aware focuses weight in quite the unique way with an angled inner body to push weight to the rim and the outer area being curved inward making for both a stable but floaty and smooth player. Not only is this effective design for spin but it really make a beautiful yo-yo that will get a lot of interest from even the non yo-yo player crowd!

Extremely unique and available in five great colors. Check them out while spinning too! Made in France.

X Cube Aware Specifications:

Diameter: 52.50 mm / 2.06 inches
Width: 40.75 mm / 1.60 inches
Gap Width: 4.35 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 63.6 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: X Cube Silicone Response

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