Velocity Starter Set
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YoYoFactory - Fully Adjustable Plastic Yo-Yo

It is important to start out the right way with a yo-yo that plays responsive and can grow with you. The YoYoFactory Velocity Starter Set gives you exactly that and more!

This starter set features the Velocity yo-yo is a great basic and easy to understand throw that truly grows with you as you learn the basics into advanced tricks. Start with it completely responsive with a tug to return the hand. Then simply turn the dials and watch it become completely unresponsive so it can handle all the advanced tricks you want to throw at it.

This starter set comes complete:
- FAST Holder (to carry your yo-yo in style.)
- Sticker Sheet (Who doesn't love stickers?!)
- Multi-Tool (Cut your string and maintenance on your throw.)
- 5 Pack String (You are going to be practicing a lot so string is important!)

This starter set is an amazing value for even an advanced player and is one of the best ways to start yo-yoing today. Pick one up for yourself or give the gift of yo-yoing to a friend and get them started the right way!

A $28 Value for only $21.99!

Get Started The YoYoFactory Way!

Velocity Starter Set Specifications:
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Diameter: 2.20"
Width: 1.41"
Response System: Central Bearing Co - CBC Slim Pad
Slim Pad Size 19mm OD
Weight: 62.4 grams
Bearing Size: Size A

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