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Unknown T-Shirt
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Unknown - Because Failure is Unknown

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Six Time National Champion Bryan Figueroa set out to establish his company 'Unknown' to bring some much needed accessories and apparel to the yo-yo world.

His new flag ship t-shirt showcases the Unknown logo on the front with "failure is unknown" crossed out on the back. The meaning here is deep.

As a yo-yo player we have learned a lesson. We don't just give up when we get a knot or don't learn a trick right away. We persevere and keep at it. Failure is Unknown.

In competition if you lose you are not a failure. It just makes you stronger. You learn more from losing than winning. Failure is Unknown.

Printed on a Black Hanes T-Shirt you may have already seen this shirt appear in many freestyle videos. Features a cool 'sleeve tag' too making this one of the most official t-shirts to come from a yo-yo brand.

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