0R2FG turret yoyo display

Turret YoYo Stand
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R2FG - Affordable new yoyo display solution!

R2FG is a professional yo-yo manufacturer founded in 2017 and located in the world yoyo machining center Shenzhen, China. R2FG stands for Rotation To Fight Gravity and they are making some really cool innovative designs. This is their new yoyo holder - The Turret!

The Turret is a flat-pack style yoyo holder with a great look. It is made form a unique plastic that has a shiny translucent colorful finish that looks great and reflects the colors of whichever yoyo you choose to display. You can assemble it two ways, with the yoyo holder piece straight up or angled, to fit whichever space you are showing off your favorite throws.

R2FG turret yoyo display

R2FG turret yoyo display

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