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Turning Point K-PAD Response
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Turning Point - The Original K-Pad Silicone Response

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The K-Pad has quickly become the most popular silicone response in yo-yos today. YoYoFactory first helped popularize the brand by using them in all of their high end aluminum yo-yos for perfect unresponsive play and tight binds. Since then they have become the choice for players and competitors everywhere.

The K-Pad was developed carefully by Turning Point owner and World Champion Kentaro Kimura from Japan and it is a clear winner. This response is even the choice of three time World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki in his Meteor yo-yo.

Available in Lime Green and Blue colors in the industry standards "Slim Pad" Size 19mm OD.

Also available in purple in the "Broad Pad" Size 21mm OD .

Please note these are sold in pairs.

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