Turn Top Display Stand
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Infinity Layer - Rotating yoyo display!

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Wayne Ngan (Find him on instagram @wayne927) is a yoyo player from Canada who came up with an amazing concept for a display stand and we are beyond excited to present it to the public!

Wayne tinkers a lot with 3D printing and yoyos and this led to him thinking about yoyo stands. There are some fancy designs out there, but most of them just sit there, motionless and sad, only serving the simple purpose of holding your yoyo. Wayne knew he could do better, and that's exactly what he did.

He wanted to create something minimalistic that made a statement. Wouldn't it be nice if you can keep playing with your yoyo even after you it put it down?! Presenting the Turn Top display stand!

The stand is a 4 piece 3d printed design with a Size C bearing that, when assembled, allows you to spin the stand yoyo and all! It's a functional stand meets a fidget toy, and it's as just mesmerizing to watch. Available in black and white to start, 3D printed by Wayne himself in Canada!

Turn Top Display Stand

turn top yoyo stand

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