Toddler Linkx by Japan Technology

Toddler LINKX
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Japan Technology - Mini metal version of the LINKX!

The Japan Technology LINKX is back in a new material and modified size - The Toddler LINKX!

The Toddler LINKX takes the same shape and design philosophy as the original and shrinks it down to a cute undersized Aluminum model. Complete with the double rim build and fitted with a size D bearing, the little LINKX offers impressive performance with plenty of power and stability all packed into a compact pocket friendly form!

Toddler Linkx by Japan Technology

japan technology toddler linkx yoyo

Toddler LINKX Specifications:
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Diameter: 43.75 mm / 1.72 inches
Width: 34 mm / 1.33 inches
Gap Width: 4.55 mm / 0.18 inches
Weight: 55.60 grams
Bearing Size: Size D (5x11x5 mm)
Material: Aluminum
Designed in: Japan
Made in: China
Released: August 2022

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