turning point center lock axles

Titanium Center Lock Axle
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Turning Point - Custom Turning Point Axles

$ 14.99

New Turning Point Ti Center Lock Axles are custom made with a high level of precision and custom fit to specific Turning Point models.

These precision machined axles are made from lightweight grade 5 Titanium. They feature a flat stopper section in the middle to ensure perfect balance for your Turning Point throws.

- 8mm Compatible Models:
TP titanium yo-yos
- 12mm Compatible Models:
BGM, MSG, etc
- 14mm Compatible Models:
Leviathan series, Colony, St. Elmo, etc.

Please note that titanium is lighter than steel, but not necessarily stronger. Please avoid stripping the threads and over-tightening your yo-yos when installing this axle.

turning point center lock axles

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