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ThrowRevolution Vertex
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ThrowRevolution - Join the Revolution!

ThrowRevolution is a brand new premium yo-yo company based in Singapore and founded by World Champion Marcus Koh! Their goal is to revolutionize modern yo-yo play and push the limits of throwers around the world with their high-quality precision engineered yo-yos! This is their first release - The Vertex!

Marcus Koh has an amazing fast and innovative style and, so he needs a yo-yo that can keep up! The Vertex was specifically designed to excel at the highest levels of competitive play with a strong emphasis on horizontal. The stepped v-shape profile reduces string friction in horizontal play while the light weight and bi-metal weight distribution gives you that extra maneuverability and spin time you need yo pull off the toughest routines!

Once you throw the Vertex you can almost feel all the thought and hard work that went into the design. It has a comfortable feel in the hand, an amazingly stable feel in play, and a spin time that will leave you wondering what to do next after blowing through your longest combos!

The Throw Revolution Vertex is an excellent first release from this new company, a revolutionary yo-yo that will push the limits of any freestyle!

ThrowRevolution Vertex Specifications:
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Diameter: 56.08 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 42.47 mm / 1.67 inches
Gap Width: 4.50 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 65.3 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19 mm Slim Pads

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