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Throw 2008
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DVDs - A Film By Brandon Jackson

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Brandon Jackson's Throw 2008 is here!

For those of you who don't know him Brandon Jackson is the newest member of Duncan Crew and is an excellent player with great style. He brings to you the ultimate trick DVD of 2008 showcasing incredible players and innovative new tricks - tricks you probably haven't seen before. If you are a real yo-yo player then this is a must have for your collection.

In what some say is the best yo-yo DVD since Kickin Tricks, you'll find 18 of the worlds best yo-yo players throwing their hardest tricks. This DVD isn't an instructional DVD, but a pure trick showcase from beginning to end. Also Included with this dvd, are extra clip videos from Brandon Jackson. Such as Spencer Berry's Apt, Another Day, MEC 08, Adam Brewsters Eleven, And more!

Get Inspired for 2009 with the best tricks of 2008.

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