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Terrapin Dry Lube
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Terrapin - Less Drag Than Other Lube Forms

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Terrapin has created DryLube, an amazing product to compliment their exceptional bearings. Note - this is for 'advanced' bearing modifiers only.

This one of a kind lube comes in a dry powder like form and is extremely efficient. With less drag than other lube forms and a cleaner form of lubrication your bearing will last longer and play smooth through the whole cleaning process.

Don't let your bearing get slow and worn down. Use Terrapin DryLube and keep bearings playing the way they should be.

Note: This is to be used with Pre-CLEANED and de-shielded bearings. This is comprised of a metallic/polymer .003 micron mix that lubricates the working surfaces of a bearing without the drag created by liquids. Bearing must be exceptionally clean and oil free with a final rinse in acetone or bearing cleaning solvent prior to application.

(Keep in mind you have to be careful and it is at your own risk to clean a bearing with any type of solvent).


Apply a VERY small amount to several of the balls (bearing should be de-shielded) and flick spin on a pen or bearing tool of some sort. The packet of DryPlay provided. will treat hundreds of bearings. Applicator Brush included as pictured.

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