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Sweets Kendama - Voodama Dolls
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Sweets - Test your kendama skills on this cool new skill toy!!

The Sweets Voodama Doll is a really cool and unique skill toy that unlocks a whole new world of kendama style tricks you can learn. This is a hand made creation dreamt up by a loyal follower of Sweets Kendamas. It was created with the same principles of kendama play in mind but with its special shape the Voodama Doll has a much different feel.

The Voodama Doll has 3 spikes, two cool stall posts, and 2 cups created by the hole through the center. This one of a kind design opens up endless possibilities for new tricks, stalls, and combos - You're probably imagining some of them right now just looking at it!

And not only are the Voodama Dolls tons of fun to play with, but they are even more fun to customize! These solid wood skill toys are like a blank canvas - mark, paint, stain, do whatever you can think of to make your Voodama Doll the coolest custom creation you can think of! The possibilities are endless!

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