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Sweets Kendama - Pro Model
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Sweets - Honoring the Pros and Legends

$ 39.99
The 2014 SWEETS Pro/Legend Models are here! This is the culmination of over a year's worth of testing and perfecting different paints and finishes. It has resulted in some of the most beautiful and well-playing kendamas we have seen from SWEETS to date!

Every Pro/Legend Model features a beautiful shimmering base color and is finished with Sweets signature high-gloss Pro Clear Coat, which has the perfect balance of stickiness and slipperiness. Enough slip for a pro, enough stick for a beginner! Along with the unique color, each model also carries the Pro/Legend's signature and a personal totem, a symbol which each player chose to represent them. And you'll be happy to know that a portion of each sale goes directly to each Pro/Legend!

The Pro/Legend Kendamas come in matching packaging with special Pro/Legend stickers, a premium string and bead, and instructional book!

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