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Sweets Kendama - Prism
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Sweets - Beautiful Prism Effect!

YoYoExpert is excited to present the new Prism Kendama from SWEETS. Started in 2010 with the mission of spreading the benefits and gratification of Kendama, Sweet's produces Kendamas for all skill levels and are proud to paint all of them here in the USA.

The Prism Focus Kendama has such a cool look! Sweets gave this tama a really unique shimmering paint job that creates a 'Prism' effect when the light hits it just right. It's hard to capture with just a picture, but once you see this Prism Kendama in the light you will be blown away!

Painted in house and coated with Sweets durable Pro Clear finish, this kendama plays just as good as it looks!

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