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Sweets Kendama - Focus Kendama
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Sweets - New Ken Shape and Durable Tama, Perfect For Competitive Play!

Sweets is a company that never stops moving forward. They are constantly innovating their amazing line of kendamas and improving the sport as a whole. And recently they have been working closely with a new manufacturer to develop a new kendama that would represent them as a company and provide a better play experience for the players. This is the Sweets Focus Kendama!

The Sweets Focus Kendama is an all new shape that has greatly increased weight distribution, perfect balance, and a great feel in the hand. It has a sleek consistent shape with a durable painted and polished tama that is perfect for competitive play.

Focus on the Journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

Every Sweets Kendama comes with an extra string, bead, instructional booklet and stickers!

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