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Sweets Kendama - Focus Crayon
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Sweets - You're Never Too Old For Crayons!

YoYoExpert is excited to present the new Crayon Kendama from SWEETS. Started in 2010 with the mission of spreading the benefits and gratification of Kendama, Sweet's produces Kendamas for all skill levels and are proud to paint all of them here in the USA.

The Crayon Series Focus Kendama is one of the coolest concepts we have seen from Sweets. This setup features the classic white Focus tama strung up on your choice of "crayon" colored aTack painted kens, along with contrasting premium strings. They call it the crayon series because the brightly "crayon" colored kens will rub off on the white tama creating a very cool and unique kendama once it breaks in!

The Crayon Series doesn't just look cool, this slick tama plus a sticky ken makes for a very fun and playable Kendama - Excellent for stall tricks, birds, and stilts! You're never too old play with crayons!

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