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Sweets Kendama - F3 Fade
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Sweets - Don't be Afraid of the Fade!

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The all new F3 Kendamas are the latest and greatest that Sweets has to offer! This is the third iteration of their Focus line of kendamas and it is amazing!

The shape of the new F3 Ken has been completely redesigned to enhance play for all skill levels. The shape offers better balance for tama tricks like lunar and the offset string hole makes 1-turn tricks a breeze!

The Fade F3 Kendama has a beautiful fade from top to bottom that really helps tracking the tama hole on difficult tricks. They are finished in the new factory paint that has a glossy but pleasantly tacky finish - Ideal for tama balance tricks. It offers just the right slip/stick ratio while allowing for balance adjustments to be made mid trick.

Every F3 Fade Kendama is pre-strung on the new F3 Ken and comes boxed with an instructional pamphlet, an extra string/bead, and stickers.

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